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Tactics DS is an example game developed using FMAW Framework which is included in this repository. This project is the result of our work for different subjects on video game design and architecture.

FMAW Framework

FMAW Framework is a custom framework built on top of libnds and designed to be ported to any platform easily. Currently there is only available an implementation for Nintendo DS.

Files prefixed fmaw_ are part of the framework.

Documentation can be generated using Doxygen with make doc.

Tactics DS

Tactics DS is just a demo of the capabilities of FMAW Framework. It's inspired on Fire Emblem saga and features single and multiplayer modes. It's not meant to be a commercial product in any way but an academic example of FMAW Framework usage.


Just a make call should be enough to build the project, assuming you have set up devKitPro.

### Running Tactics DS

Tactics DS requires access to filesystem. If you are running the game on a Nintendo DS with a flashcard you should ensure that at the root of the flashcard filesystem exists a folder named maps containing the maps of the game, otherwise you wont be able to play it.

When running on a simulator, we recommend DesMuME. You'll need to run DesMuME with a special parameter to tell which folder should be mounted as root of the filesystem. We usually run Tactics DS with the following command, called on root of the project.

desmume framework.nds --cflash-path=FAT

Development blog

We wrote a blog during development, which is available on Github (only in Spanish).


A small grid-based game powered by a custom framework that can be compiled for both, Nintendo DS (with libNDS) and PC






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