OpenResty/Nginx Gateway for API Monitoring and Management.
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A Gateway based on OpenResty(Nginx+lua) for API Monitoring and Management.

Install & Usages


  • MySQL v5.5+
  • OpenResty v1.9.7.3+ or Nginx+lua module
    • install OpenResty with --with-http_stub_status_module option
  • Lor Framework please mind:
    • Orange v0.6.1 and versions before v0.6.1 are compatible with lor v0.2.*
    • Orange v0.6.2+ is compatible with lor v0.3.0+

Import the SQL file(e.g. install/orange-v0.6.3.sql) which is adapted to your Orange version into MySQL database named orange.


  1. script management

use shell scripts (e.g. to manage Orange.

  1. CLI tool

In addition to script, a new cli tool could be utilized to manage Orange. You should install the cli first:

cd orange
make install

then, the Orange runtime lua module is installed in /usr/local/orange and an executable command named /usr/local/bin/orange is generated.


Before starting Orange, you should ensure that the orange.conf and nginx.conf are redefined to satisfy the demands of your project.

  1. script management

Just sh to start Orange. You could rewrite some other shell scripts as you need.

  1. CLI tool

orange help to check usages:

Usage: orange COMMAND [OPTIONS]

The commands are:

start   Start the Orange Gateway
stop    Stop current Orange
reload  Reload the config of Orange
restart Restart Orange
store   Init/Update/Backup Orange store
version Show the version of Orange
help    Show help tips


Find more about Orange on its website. There is only a Chinese version for now.

Docker maintained by @syhily


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The plugin architecture is highly inspired by Kong.