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sun commented on pull request benhuson/wp-subtitle#15

:+1: I helped behind the scenes.

sun commented on pull request phpDocumentor/fig-standards#115

Any particular reason for not naming this type list instead of tuple? /** - * @return tuple<int,int,int> + * @return list<int,int,int> */ list is a

sun commented on pull request phpDocumentor/fig-standards#116

:+1: This one looks really helpful to me; would definitely improve the documentation in several code bases.

sun starred tchwork/utf8
sun commented on pull request sebastianbergmann/phpunit#1934

:+1: Very good idea - thanks for contributing!


To my knowledge, Symfony and other projects are using the @api and @internal tags (as described/projected in #114 (comment)) due to hard limitation…

Various bug fixes
sun commented on issue sebastianbergmann/phpunit#1891

class PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase { // (empty) } namespace PHPUnit\Framework; class TestCase extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase { // (everything…

sun starred snesin/jcade
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