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# Bundler Issues
+## Frequently encountered issues
+### REE and Zlib::GzipFile::Error
+Ruby Enterprise Edition users may see a `Zlib::GzipFile::Error` while installing gems. It is due to [a bug in REE]( You may be able to resolve the issue by upgrading REE, or changing to a different interpreter.
+### Rake activation error
+Anyone who has installed the Spork gem may see activation errors while running `rake` directly. This is because installing Spork would [install the newest rake using a mkmf file]( To resolve the issue, update your Gemfile to include either the newest version of Rake or the newest version of Spork (which no longer installs Rake).
## Troubleshooting
Instructions for common Bundler use-cases can be found on the [Bundler documentation site](

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