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hide excess spacing in Markdown lists using CSS

Markdown has a weird behavior of making list items into paragraphs if
they happen to have a blank line between them.  For example, this list:

  * one
  * two
  * three

would not have excess spacing, whereas the following list would:

  * one

  * two

  * three

This is especially problematic when you are trying to maintain
readability in plain-text environments, where adding blank lines
between list items is very helpful.
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1 parent ba48c19 commit 946d848e0099e36653adc84b2f503a4c4ea92731 @sunaku committed Mar 14, 2010
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4 fmt/xhtml.yaml
@@ -1780,6 +1780,10 @@ styles: # these are SASS templates
cursor: pointer
+ li > p:first-child
+ display: inline
background-color: #F0F8FF

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