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Version 1.3.0 (2012-09-27)


  • Intra-word emphasis is now enabled by default in Md2Man::ENGINE. To not be affected by this change, you may still construct your own Redcarpet::Markdown engine with your own set of processing options.

Version 1.2.1 (2012-07-05)


  • GH-4: ruby 1.8.7 lacks negative lookbehind regexps. Thanks to Postmodern for reporting this issue.


Version 1.2.0 (2012-02-06)


  • The Md2Man::Document module now handles paragraph() nodes and dispatches their content accordingly to hook methods for indented, tagged, and normal paragraphs. A Redcarpet markdown parser need only include that module and implement those hook methods in order to benefit from md2man's extensions to markdown syntax programmatically.


  • README: mention features; revise markdown; cleanup.

  • LICENSE: @tanoku created initial Manpage renderer.

Version 1.1.0 (2012-02-02)


  • Add Md2Man::Document module for programmatic processing of cross-references to other UNIX manual pages within Redcarpet.


  • README: not all systems support man -l option.

  • gemspec: upgrade to redcarpet 2.1.0.

  • bundler suggests moving all dev deps into gemspec.

  • README: fix installation commands for development.

  • README: simplify project slogan to be more memorable.

Version 1.0.2 (2012-01-09)


  • Blockquote's leading paragraph regexp was not anchored.

  • Freezing internal constants prevents monkey patching.


  • Upgraded to Binman 3 for better interoperability with Bundler.

  • Added example input file from the Linux Man Page Howto.

  • Forgot to change project slogan in the gem package.

Version 1.0.1 (2011-12-06)


  • Renamed the project from "redcarpet-manpage" to "md2man".

    • RedcarpetManpage::Renderer is now Md2Man::Engine.

    • RedcarpetManpage::RENDERER is now Md2Man::ENGINE.

  • Tagged paragraphs no longer require the first line to begin with italic or bold styling. All that matters is that the subsequent lines are indented.


  • Added md2man(1) executable for command-line usage.

  • Added support for all HTML 4.0 and XHTML 1.0 entities.

  • Added support for tables, horizontal rules, and more.

  • Added Md2Man::Roff mixin for advanced Redcarpet2 usage.

  • Improved README with some new and revised documentation.


  • Rewrote entire Markdown to Roff conversion from scratch while doing TDD.

Version 0.0.1 (2011-10-13)

First release! Happy birthday! Woohoo! :-)

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