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FOO 1 "MARCH 1995" Linux "User Manuals"


foo - frobnicate the bar library


foo [-bar] [-c config-file ] file ...


foo frobnicates the bar library by tweaking internal symbol tables. By default it parses all baz segments and rearranges them in reverse order by time for the xyzzy(1) linker to find them. The symdef entry is then compressed using the WBG (Whiz-Bang-Gizmo) algorithm. All files are processed in the order specified.


-b Do not write "busy" to stdout while processing.

-c config-file Use the alternate system wide config-file instead of /etc/foo.conf. This overrides any FOOCONF environment variable.

-a In addition to the baz segments, also parse the blurfl headers.

-r Recursive mode. Operates as fast as lightning at the expense of a megabyte of virtual memory.


/etc/foo.conf The system wide configuration file. See foo(5) for further details.

~/.foorc Per user configuration file. See foo(5) for further details.


FOOCONF If non-null the full pathname for an alternate system wide /etc/foo.conf. Overridden by the -c option.


The following diagnostics may be issued on stderr:

Bad magic number. The input file does not look like an archive file.

Old style baz segments. foo can only handle new style baz segments. COBOL object libraries are not supported in this version.


The command name should have been chosen more carefully to reflect its purpose.


Jens Schweikhardt


bar(1), foo(5), xyzzy(1), Linux Man Page Howto

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