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Pending tasks
* add support for multiple Ruby prototypes so that you can do integration
testing and ESL stuff
* add shortcuts for reading & writing VPI delay values
* add support for GHDL simulator (and thereby VHDL!) because it supports VPI
* add instructions for using *ruby-debug* with a graphical debugging tool or IDE
like RadRails
* write section about code coverage and prototyping in manual
* write unit tests for the non-VPI libraries like integer.rb and float.rb
Finished tasks
* add support for ESL prototyping (like SystemC)
* decouple code generation with $RUBYLIB and erb
* change should_be to should_equal in examples
* add support for GPL Cver in the test runner template
* build ruby-vpi once to generate all .so files
* test runner should not rebuild ruby-vpi every time
* distribute as a GEM, binary, and source
* use RUBYLIB to bypass rubygems site installation for local testing.
otherwise have to build & install gem _every_ time!
* move stuff from lib/ into lib/ruby-vpi/
* integrate RCov for code-coverage statistics
* method_missing for Design class
* define handled methods in Vpi::method_missing for faster response
* this has been verified as bottleneck from profiling data
* make RCov correctly profile the code and report useful coverage metrics...
* add support for VPI callbacks which execute Ruby blocks
* write section about code coverage and prototyping in manual
* clean up the teriminology section... unnecessary
Obsolete tasks
* smarter test generation, which adjusts to user modifications in previously
generated output
Just use a smart merging tool like *kdiff3*.
* interactive console IRB wrapper for spec (just like Breakpoints in Rails)
Use the *ruby-debug* library with "*debugger* command for
breakpoints": instead!
* need to dump signal values when expectation fails in rSpec
You can use the interactive debugger instead.
* maybe a waveform dump will also help
After reading some RTL verification books, this is not necessarily true.