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Rumai is a pure <<Ruby>> interface to the <<wmii>> window manager. Its name
is a portmanteau of "**Ru**by" and "w**mi**i", which I pronounce as "vim eye".
=== Features
* Provides an interactive shell for live experimentation.
* Arranges clients, columns, views, and tags dynamically.
* Talks directly to wmii's <<libixp, IXP filesystem interface>>.
* Includes a pure Ruby client for the <<p9p, 9P2000 protocol>>.
* Powers[my personal] wmiirc and[many others] like it.
=== Resources
Project website::
<%= @proj_home_url = Rumai::WEBSITE %>
Announcements feed::
<%= @ann_feed_url = File.join(@proj_home_url, 'ann.xml') %>
API documentation::
<%= @api_docs_url = File.join(@proj_home_url, 'api/') %>
Source code (browse online, download, or checkout)::
<%= @code_repo_url = '' %>
Issue tracker (report bugs, request features, get help)::
<%= @bug_track_url = File.join(@code_repo_url, 'issues') %>