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*rumai* ['OPTIONS'] ['IRB_OPTIONS']
=== Command
Starts an interactive Ruby shell (IRB) session by passing the given
'IRB_OPTIONS' to irb(1) and placing you at a command prompt like this:
The *irb(Rumai)* token in the command prompt indicates that your commands will
be evaluated _inside_ the `Rumai` module. As a result, you can omit the
"Rumai" prefix from your commands.
For example, to get the currently selected client, you can type `curr_client`
instead of `Rumai.curr_client` at the prompt. Both commands achieve the same
The next thing to notice is that *TAB completion* is enabled. So you can type
part of a command and press the TAB key to see a list of possible completions.
=== Options
*-h*, *--help*::
Display this manual and exit.
*-v*, *--version*::
Print version number and exit.