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* /colrules widths may now be specified in pixels.
* /tagrules has been replaced with the more general /rules
* The format of the bar files has changed.
* Add witray system tray program.
* Floating clients can be collapsed by clicking their layout boxes.
* Dock windows act more like dock windows.
* The FocusFloating and FocusColumn events have been removed.
* The tag '!' is no longer special.
* Xft is now loaded on demand.
* Fixed some managed move bugs.
* Work around mawk bug that broke wmiirc.
* Workaround a dash 0.5.6 bug that broke wmiirc.
* Noticably speed-up python wmiirc startup.
* Disable static linking which breaks wmiir in glibc 2.12.
* wmii9menu is now Xinerama aware.
* Install READMEs to $(PREFIX)/share/doc/wmii/.
* Documentation updates. Add wmiir.1, wmii9menu.1.
* Allow dragging floating clients from anywhere in their titlebars.
* Allow specifying screen in area specs.
* Change default $MODKEY to Mod4.
* Minor changes to API.
* Allow client to follow tag change in python wmiirc.
* Update /tag/*/index to be more useful on Xinerama.
* Add showkeys action to shell and python wmiirc.
* Restore windows from floating layer to their original Xinerama screen.
* Hide bar on non-primary Xinerama screens.
* Allow resizing of rightmost and leftmost column dividers.
* Add Suraj's Rumai-based wmiirc.
* Move rc.wmii to alternative_wmiircs/plan9port/wmiirc.
* Install wmii.pdf to $(PREFIX)/share/doc/.
* Focus windows regardless of whether they form a new group.
* Update selection and execution of wmiirc: no more magic.
* Update wmii.1
* Add alternative_wmiircs READMEs.
* Add new wmii guide. See doc/wmii.pdf
* Allow for programmable completion in wimenu.
* Use pkg-config globally.
* Add Xft (antialiased font) support.
* Add python wmiirc/9P client library
* Allow bindings to work regardless of caps lock.
* Add M-f fullscreen toggle key binding.
* Augment /client/*/ctl Fullscreen command.
* Allow setting of increment display from /ctl.
* Show a client's extra tags in its titlebar.
* Darken background when floating area selected.
* Allow bar on top or bottom.
* Allow for wmiirc_local.
* Add grow and nudge commands to /tag/*/ctl.
* Cascade windows when the floating layer fills.
* Support alpha-transparant windows.
* Add regex tag support.
* It is now possible to float/unfloat windows with the mouse.
* Make the bar Xdnd aware; DND between views is now possible. Fixed some window raising/moving bugs.
* Add a notification bar.
* Improved floating mouse resizing.
* Improved mouse move/resize support for managed mode.
* Better return from floating/fullscreen to managed mode.
* Allow comments (#.*\n) in rules and ctl files.
* Add /client/*/ctl ‘slay’ command.
* Detect unresponsive clients on ‘kill’.
* Draw titlebars of floating clients differently.
* Add wihack: LD_PRELOAD hack to set window properties of programs:
* Respect window groups
* Add ‘Kill’ to client right-click menu
* wmii9menu now takes similar args to wimenu
* Document grow/nudge commands.
* Add wimenu with history and caret support
* Add wistrut. Undocumented, not built by default.
* EWMH strut support.
* Basic EWMH support.
* Better fullscreen support.
* XRandR support.
* Xinerama support.
* libixp version 97 now required
* Stack and max modes now affect floating clients:
- max: Collapsed clients disappear, all clients disappear
when managed layer is selected.
- stack: All clients but selected are collapsed.
* Adobe's Flash plugin's fullscreen mode now works.
* Some annoying focus bugs are fixed.