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# This script will launch wimenu and provide command
# completion for the first argument and filename completion
# for each following argument, and execute the result.
# Program name completion requires that a program list already
# exist in $(wmiir namespace)/.proglist
mkfifo $fifo 2>/dev/null
script=$(cat <<'!'
progs = "cat $(wmiir namespace)/.proglist"
# Print the first set of completions to wimenu’s fifo
print read(progs) >fifo
# Process the input and provide the completions
# Skip the trailing part of the command.
# If there is none, this is the result.
if (!getline rest) {
if (!match($0, /.*[ \t]/))
# First argument, provide the program list
update(0, progs)
else {
# Set the offset to the location of the last
# space, and save that part of the completion
offset = RLENGTH
str = substr($0, offset + 1)
# If we're completing a sub-directory, adjust
# the offset to the position of the last /
if (match(str, ".*/"))
offset += RLENGTH
# If the last component of the path begins with
# a ., include hidden files
arg = ""
if(match(str, "(^|/)\\.[^/]*$"))
arg = "-A"
# Substitute ~/ for $HOME/
sub("^~/", ENVIRON["HOME"] "/", str)
# Strip the trailing filename
sub("[^/]+$", "", str)
update(offset, "ls " arg quote(str))
# Push out a new set of completions
function update(offset, cmd) {
# Only push out the completion if the offset or the
# option of ls has changed. The behavior will be the
# same regardless, but this is a minor optimization
if (offset != loffset || cmd != lcmd) {
loffset = offset
lcmd = cmd
cmpl = read(cmd)
print offset >fifo
print cmpl >fifo
# Quote a string. This should work in any Bourne
# or POSIX compatible shell.
function quote(str) {
if (!match(str, /[\[\](){}$'"^#~!&;*?|<>]/))
return str
gsub(/\\/, "'\\\\'", str)
gsub(/'/, "'\\''", str)
return "'" str "'"
# Read the output of a command and return it
function read(cmd) {
if (cmd in cache)
return cache[cmd]
res = ""
while (cmd | getline)
res = res quote($0) "\n"
return cache[cmd] = res
res="$(wimenu -c "$@" <$fifo | awk -v "fifo=$fifo" "$script")"
exec ${SHELL:-sh} -c "exec $res"
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