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#ifndef _REGEXP9_H_
#define _REGEXP9_H_ 1
#ifdef AUTOLIB
#include <utf.h>
typedef struct Resub Resub;
typedef struct Reclass Reclass;
typedef struct Reinst Reinst;
typedef struct Reprog Reprog;
* Sub expression matches
struct Resub{
union {
char *sp;
Rune *rsp;
union {
char *ep;
Rune *rep;
* character class, each pair of rune's defines a range
struct Reclass{
Rune *end;
Rune spans[64];
* Machine instructions
struct Reinst{
int type;
union {
Reclass *cp; /* class pointer */
Rune r; /* character */
int subid; /* sub-expression id for RBRA and LBRA */
Reinst *right; /* right child of OR */
union { /* regexp relies on these two being in the same union */
Reinst *left; /* left child of OR */
Reinst *next; /* next instruction for CAT & LBRA */
* Reprogram definition
struct Reprog{
Reinst *startinst; /* start pc */
Reclass class[32]; /* .data */
Reinst firstinst[5]; /* .text */
extern Reprog *regcomp9(char*);
extern Reprog *regcomplit9(char*);
extern Reprog *regcompnl9(char*);
extern void regerror9(char*);
extern int regexec9(Reprog*, char*, Resub*, int);
extern void regsub9(char*, char*, int, Resub*, int);
extern int rregexec9(Reprog*, Rune*, Resub*, int);
extern void rregsub9(Rune*, Rune*, int, Resub*, int);
* Darwin simply cannot handle having routines that
* override other library routines.
#define regcomp regcomp9
#define regcomplit regcomplit9
#define regcompnl regcompnl9
#define regerror regerror9
#define regexec regexec9
#define regsub regsub9
#define rregexec rregexec9
#define rregsub rregsub9