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#ifndef _UTF_H_
#define _UTF_H_ 1
typedef unsigned int Rune; /* 32 bits */
UTFmax = 4, /* maximum bytes per rune */
Runesync = 0x80, /* cannot represent part of a UTF sequence (<) */
Runeself = 0x80, /* rune and UTF sequences are the same (<) */
Runeerror = 0xFFFD, /* decoding error in UTF */
Runemax = 0x10FFFF /* maximum rune value */
/* Edit .+1,/^$/ | cfn $PLAN9/src/lib9/utf/?*.c | grep -v static |grep -v __ */
int chartorune(Rune *rune, const char *str);
int fullrune(const char *str, int n);
int isalpharune(Rune);
int islowerrune(Rune);
int isspacerune(Rune);
int istitlerune(Rune);
int isupperrune(Rune);
int runelen(long);
int runenlen(const Rune*, int);
Rune* runestrcat(Rune*, const Rune*);
Rune* runestrchr(const Rune*, Rune);
int runestrcmp(const Rune*, const Rune*);
Rune* runestrcpy(Rune*, const Rune*);
Rune* runestrdup(const Rune*) ;
Rune* runestrecpy(Rune*, Rune *e, const Rune*);
long runestrlen(const Rune*);
Rune* runestrncat(Rune*, const Rune*, long);
int runestrncmp(const Rune*, const Rune*, long);
Rune* runestrncpy(Rune*, const Rune*, long);
Rune* runestrrchr(const Rune*, Rune);
Rune* runestrstr(const Rune*, const Rune*);
int runetochar(char*, const Rune*);
Rune tolowerrune(Rune);
Rune totitlerune(Rune);
Rune toupperrune(Rune);
char* utfecpy(char*, char*, const char*);
int utflen(const char*);
int utfnlen(const char*, long);
char* utfrrune(const char*, long);
char* utfrune(const char*, long);
char* utfutf(const char*, const char*);