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Gyoku translates Ruby Hashes to XML.

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The gem is available through Rubygems and can be installed via:

$ gem install gyoku

An example

Gyoku.xml :find_user => { :id => 123, "wsdl:Key" => "api" }
# => "<findUser><id>123</id><wsdl:Key>api</wsdl:Key></findUser>"

As you might notice, Gyoku follows a couple of conventions for translating Hashes into XML.


Hash keys

  • Symbols are converted to lowerCamelCase Strings
  • Strings are not converted and may contain namespaces

Hash values

  • DateTime objects are converted to xs:dateTime Strings
  • Objects responding to :to_datetime (except Strings) are converted to xs:dateTime Strings
  • TrueClass and FalseClass objects are converted to "true" and "false" Strings
  • NilClass objects are converted to xsi:nil tags
  • These conventions are also applied to the return value of objects responding to :call
  • All other objects are converted to Strings using :to_s

Special characters

Gyoku escapes special characters unless the Hash key ends with an exclamation mark:

Gyoku.xml :escaped => "<tag />", :not_escaped! => "<tag />"
# => "<escaped>&lt;tag /&gt;</escaped><notEscaped><tag /></notEscaped>"

Self-closing tags

Hash Keys ending with a forward slash create self-closing tags:

Gyoku.xml :"self_closing/" => "", "selfClosing/" => nil
# => "<selfClosing/><selfClosing/>"

Sort XML tags

In case you need the XML tags to be in a specific order, you can specify the order through an additional Array stored under an :order! key:

Gyoku.xml :name => "Eve", :id => 1, :order! => [:id, :name]
# => "<id>1</id><name>Eve</name>"

XML attributes

Adding XML attributes is rather ugly, but it can be done by specifying an additional Hash stored under an :attributes! key:

Gyoku.xml :person => "Eve", :attributes! => { :person => { :id => 1 } }
# => "<person id=\"1\">Eve</person>"
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