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$ python3 -h
usage: -n <number> [options]

Advanced information gathering tool for phone numbers
( version v1.6.8

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n number, --number number
                        The phone number to scan (E164 or international
  -i input_file, --input input_file
                        Phone number list to scan (one per line)
  -o output_file, --output output_file
                        Output to save scan results
  -s scanner, --scanner scanner
                        The scanner to use
  --recon               Launch custom format reconnaissance
  --no-ansi             Disable colored output
  -v, --version         Show tool version

Basic scan

python3 -n "(+42) 837544833"

Country code and special chars such as ( ) - + will be escaped so typing US-based numbers stay easy :

python3 -n "+1 555-444-3333"

Note that the country code is essential. You don't know which country code to use ? Find it here

Output file

Check several numbers at once and send results to a file. Optionally, ensure no color code is used with --no-ansi

python3 -i numbers.txt -o results.txt --no-ansi

Input file must contain one phone number per line. Invalid numbers will be skipped.


python3 -n +42837544833 -s footprints

Custom format reconnaissance

You don't know where to search and what custom format to use ? Let the tool try several custom formats based on the country code for you.

python3 -n +42837544833 -s any --recon

Available scanners

Use any to disable this feature. Default value: all

  • numverify
  • ovh
  • footprints

Numverify provide standard but useful informations such as number's country code, location, line type and carrier.

OVH is, besides being a web and cloud hosting company, a telecom provider with several VoIP numbers in the Europe. Thanks to their API-key free REST API, we are able to tell if a number is owned by OVH Telecom or not.

Footprints scanner uses Google search engine and Google Dorks to search phone number's footprints everywhere on the web. It allows you to search for scam reports, social media profiles, documents and more.


Check for a number range on OVH :

python3 -n "+33 01 88 33 40 32" -s ovh

Output :

[!] ---- Fetching informations for 330188334032 ---- [!]
[*] Running local scan...
[+] International format: +33 1 88 33 40 32
[+] Local format: 188334032
[+] Country found: France (+33)
[+] City/Area: France
[+] Carrier: 
[+] Timezone: Europe/Paris
[i] The number is valid and possible.
[*] Running OVH scan...
[+] 1 result found in OVH database
[+] Number range: 018833xxxx
[+] City: Paris
[+] Zip code: 
Continue scanning ? (y/N) 
[i] Good bye!
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