A extremely fast, safty and extensible framework for various game server
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A extremely fast, safty and extensible framework for various game server,written in rust. Crystal provides all the components you need to develop a game, our goal is to make the game development to be easiest and efficient.


Before alpha, still in early stage of developing


Extremely performant

  • written in rust, as fast as c/c++
  • hot path optimized

Easy and efficient

  • Easy to study and use
  • Efficient in developing
  • Detailed docs and examples


  • The rust language has the most the safety compares to c++/c
  • Safety is one of our most important goal throughout the developing

Various games supported

  • MMO-RPG (up to huge size online)
  • Low-latency (Moba, Arpg etc)
  • Social Game
  • Poker Game
  • For building games on blockchain (Crystal:A blockchain for game which is built on Crystal)

Advanced architeture

  • Support big server mode
  • Support world server mode
  • Easily merge the existing servers


Plugin System

  • Add new features with developing your own plugins, or you can search these in Plugin Market
  • We will also provide some built-in plugins, like: server status、 game server managing etc

Custom features

  • Network protocol
  • Encryption interface

Why crystal?

Extremely fast,extensible and common game server development is really hard, is there a framework which can cover the mojarity scenes of game? Maybe the only answer will be Crystal.With Crystal Framework you can build games like:WoW, Dota, DNF, Hearthstone, Online-Poker, Social-Game etc.

So Crystal is not only a framework, but also a ecosystem for developers!


Want to be part of the Crystal project? Great! All are welcome! We will get there quicker together :) Whether you find a bug, have a great feature request or you fancy owning a task from the road map.

Contributors(Sort by contribution)

  • Sunface (⭐️️️️⭐️️️️⭐️️️️⭐️️️️⭐️️️️)