WebAssembly Reference Manual
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WebAssembly Reference Manual

This project contains a human-readable WebAssembly reference manual document written in Markdown. It is intended as an alternative to the official WebAssembly specification, which is organized around a particular approach to language specification, rather than on explanation. If you want to know how the WebAssembly runtime works, are writing a compiler, or want to try writing WebAssembly by hand (in text format), this manual is a good starting point.


This is not the official WebAssembly specification, and as a result, will not be updated by the W3C working group as the specification evolves. For that reason, contributions are most welcome.

This work is public domain, and distributed under the CC0 1.0 Universal licence.

Current issues

Github-flavored Markdown is almost just powerful enough for this use case; the main things it lacks are automatic tables of contents and convenient term definitions, however the advantages in simplicity and convenient workflows partly make up for that.

Known deficiencies are marked with TODO comments. Corrections and contributions are welcome!