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Add javascript functions to application.js, In order to let the compiler work, the functions needs to be added like this:

- Add Google Requires to the top of application.js, ex: goog.require('goog.dom');
- Attach functions to window object like: 
  window["myapp"] = {}
  window["myapp"]["addEditor"] = function(textbox, toolbar){

  NOTE: "window.myapp.addEditor = function()" will not work because of the name will be changed by compiler.
- Copy the css and images from closure to public

Run ./script/compile_js to compile the application.js to compiled.js

In order to make the command work, please:

- Checkout Google Closure:
  svn checkout closure

- Set CLOSURE_HOME to the checkout path
  export CLOSURE_HOME=/Users/sunfmin/Developments/closure

- Download and extract the file, and copy the closure.jar to $CLOSURE_HOME/closure/bin

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