A Meteor app with continuous delivery using TravisCI
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Meteor Continuous Delivery Build Status

A sample meteor app using TravisCI for continuous delivery, with test running on velocity and mocha.

It uses Meteor Up to deploy to a server whenever a build passes on prod branch.

Blog article

Use in your app

  1. Copy .travis.yml to your app.

Meteor up uses mup.json and settings.json. If you are using a private key for authentication, it needs your pem file.

  1. Compress those files (name does not matter):
tar cvf secrets.tar mup.json settings.json private_key
  1. Encrypt secrets.tar to secrests.tar.enc:
travis encrypt-file secrets.tar
  1. Replace the decrypt script in .travis.yml with the one given by the previous command.


  • You need console-reporter for velocity.

  • If you follow the previous steps, all secret files (mup.json, settings.json, private_key) will live in the app root directory.

This means that you need to set "pem" and "app" config in your mup.json accordingly.

  "pem": "private_key",
  "app": ".",

Configure otherwise depending on your need.

  • If not using settings.json, you don't need to specify --settings settings.json in script in your .travis.yml.

  • Do not check in mupx.json, settings.json, secrets.tar or your private key to the source control. Only commit secrets.tar.enc.

Customize branch to deploy

If you want to deploy from a branch other than prod, just copy deploy.sh to your app and change prod to something else.

Change the after_success script in your .travis.yml to run your deploy.sh (e.g. ./deploy.sh). Make sure it is executable. Run chmod +x deploy.sh.

Using MupX

If you are using mupx, copy deploy.sh to your app and run it in the after_success script.

Change mup deploy in deploy.sh to mupx deploy.


Feel free to open a pull request if something does not work or becomes outdated.