Twitter timeline sample app with Kotlin MVVM
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Twitter timeline sample app with Kotlin MVVM

Using library

  • RxJava2 A library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences.
  • RxAndroid Rx Android library to switching threads between very easy.
  • MVVM MVVM is great android architeture design with greate support of LiveData, DataBinding, RxJava etc. Why MVVM? 1.Great compettion with MVC and MVP 2.Reactive nature 3. Less Code 4. No life cycle dependency 5. It is very powerful architeture design.
  • [DataBinding] A library which allows you to bind the data of your models directly to the xml views in a very flexible way.
  • Material Design It provides the material deisgn for UI.
  • Android Studio 3.0