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Calm API

Production ready Modular REST API generator using NodeJS & MongoDB

Calm API

npm version David DeepScan grade


Install by running

npm i -g calmapi

Then run inside your workspace directory


And follow the easy steps.


Generate CalmAPI CRUD Module just by running the following inside project's root.

calmapi generate module product

Valid Module generation commands.

calmapi generate module product
calmapi generate module products
calmapi generate module productMeta
calmapi generate module ProductMeta
calmapi generate module product-meta

Generate Module name without pluralize

calmapi generate module test-series --force


  • Production ready - Controller, Model & Service oriented architecture
  • Modules with automated Routing (Nested Route support)
  • Built-in Authentication Module with JWT & DB Store authentication
  • Built-in User Module
  • Built-in Media Module for file upload [AWS S3 Support]
  • Build-in CRUD operations for modules with pagination, filters, sorters
  • Sample Post Module (CRUD Operation Example)
  • CRUD Module generation command line support.
  • No Hidden sh*ts in your node_modules. Completely free to customize
  • Prebuilt CRUD operation classes for Controller & Service
  • DTO Support( Data transfer Object)
  • Eslint rules enabled
  • .env support
  • And many more


We love your input! We want to make contributing to this project as easy and transparent as possible, whether it's: Reporting a bug, Documentation, Discussing the current state of the code, Submitting a fix or Proposing new features.


Thiago Pacheco for the idea of better NodeJS architechture.