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Air Kinect Gesture Lib is a code library for use with Adobe AIR 3.0 and the Microsoft Kinect Native Extension written by the as3NUI team.( ) You will find all the sources and a swc file in the bin folder.


Actionscript IDE supporting AIR 3.0 projects. (Flash Builder 4.6, IntelliJ, FDT, ...) A working Kinect and the airkinect-2-core.ane file in your project (install informations here :

##Gestures and movements available

Gestures :

  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_HORIZONTAL;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_RIGHT;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_LEFT;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_VERTICAL;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_UP;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_DOWN;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_DEPTH;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_FORWARD;
  • GestureDirection.SWIPE_BACKWARD;

Movements :

  • JumpMovement;
  • BendDownMovement;

##Syntax and code snippets

You will find an example class in this repository. You can use the ActionScript3 native event system or the as3 Signal develop by Robert Penner. ( )

//instantiation of an ActionManager with the stage frame rate in parameter in order to compute the gestures analysis
_actionManager = new ActionManager(stage.frameRate);

//creation of a gesture to track the left swipe with the left hand
//the detection will dispatch a KinectGestureEvent.LEFT_SWIPE in this case
var rightHandLeftSwipe : LeftSwipe = new LeftSwipe(GesturePart.RIGHT_HAND);
rightHandLeftSwipe.dispatcher.addEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.LEFT_SWIPE, _leftSwipeWithRightHandOccured);
//then, if you need to remove your event Listener, you can do it this way
//rightHandLeftSwipe.dispatcher.removeEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.LEFT_SWIPE, _leftSwipeWithRightHandOccured);

//in order to works, don't forget to add your gestures and / or movements to your ActionManager instance

Then in your enterFrame handler, add this line.

//ask your ActionManager to compute and analyze user's actions

Here some code to show you how to use Signal instead of ActionScript3 Event.

//by default, the dispatcher of all AUserAction will be an EventDispatcher but you can also use
//the AS3 Signals by passing an instance of ActionSignalDispatcher to the AUserAction instance
var jumpMovement : JumpMovement = new JumpMovement(new ActionSignalDispatcher());
//for a signal dispatcher, you can remove your listener this way

Multiple gesture manager.

//rather than create two gestures (UpSwipe and DownSwipe for example) you can use
//a VerticalSwipe to handle two gestures in only one instance
var leftHandVerticalSwipe : VerticalSwipe = new VerticalSwipe(GesturePart.LEFT_HAND);
leftHandVerticalSwipe.dispatcher.addEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.UP_SWIPE, _upSwipeWithLeftHandOccured);
leftHandVerticalSwipe.dispatcher.addEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.DOWN_SWIPE, _downSwipeWithLeftHandOccured);
//remove event listener like shown below
//leftHandVerticalSwipe.dispatcher.removeEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.UP_SWIPE, _upSwipeWithLeftHandOccured);
//leftHandVerticalSwipe.dispatcher.removeEventListener(KinectGestureEvent.DOWN_SWIPE, _downSwipeWithLeftHandOccured);
//if you want to use Signal dispatcher with a two gestures handler (HorizontalSwipe, VerticalSwipe or DepthSwipe)
//you can listen to your signal callback with the method below
var leftFootHorizontalSwipe : HorizontalSwipe = new HorizontalSwipe(GesturePart.LEFT_FOOT, new ActionSignalDispatcher());
//with the same logic, you can easily remove your signal listener


I am still looking for impressions, critiques and suggestions so don't hesitate to contact me. My email is contact at Follow me on Twitter @Tbeltramelli :!/tbeltramelli/.

Have fun with this lib !