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v2.2 September 16, 2011
* Issue 10: Copyright and license adds
* Issue 11: use only lowercase characters for package names
* Fix of security flaw - insecure system command call
v2.1 July 5, 2010
* Issue 6: Include ChangeLog and COPYING files in tar.gz
v2.0 July 4, 2010
* Issue 1: Incorrect License: Code says GPL-2, Google page says GPL-3
* Issue 3: Chnaging background color has no effect
* Issue 4: ru.po is missing from source package
* Thanks for issues to Jari Aalto
v2.0 Beta - December 10, 2007
* Config files are moved to ~/.config/oboinus
* Added support of background color via Python Image Library (so you need to install it)
* For users who have notebooks with non-standart resolution (e.g 1240x800). Now you can
choose how image must be scaled vertically or horizontally
* Some UI changes
* In subversion version added internationalization (i18n) and russian translation.
v1.2 - 14 November, 2007
* Fix bugs with random image restore and checkbox. Add "Escape" shortcut for exiting app.
v1.0 - August 23, 2007
* Added random image feature. When "Restore random image" is checked random image from directory of current will be restored
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