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Read more about RALLY mashps on wiki pages.

=== Rally Mashups developed by sUnit, ThoughtWorks Inc.

== v1.0 (Date: 24 Feb 2010)
* adding new swimlane board is made easy. Already have 5 different swimlane boards available for team to use under distribution.
* click on card to select/unselect and use 'Move To Iteration' menu to move buld of cards together into next sprints
* now while moving defects to Accepted state, it also updated defect state to close.
* Added BUSY messages while loading swimlane and cards. Better error reporting when YUI js is not available.
* Added swimlane heading at top and bottom of the board so that scrolling down doesn't loose swimlane details
* defect and story cards within swimlane are now ordered by Rank
* refactored code base with unit tests.

== v0.7.1 (Date: 15 Feb 2010)
Defects Fixed
* fixed defect related to owner field empty reported by Andy

== v0.7 (Date: 11 Feb 2010)
New Features
* Usability: improved Rally Scheduled State, Estimate and Blocked State display
* Now user can show/hide swimlanes on the ScrumBoard. (
Notes: Uses cookies to remember hidden swimlanes. Applicable to all projects.

== v0.6 (Date: 2 Feb 2010)
New Features
* Undefined swimlane added for card not having KanbanState value (
* Clicking on Rally User Story # and Defect # opens card in edit mode similar to other rally pages, also refreshes scrum board on save (
* Better owner naming with cookies for caching since webservice calls are very slow (
* Tahoma font used inplace of default font since Tahoma looks better in small font size (
* Truncated the story name to 70 char (approx 3 lines) for better visibility (
Defects Fixed
* card state doesn't get updated due sometime due to inappropriate rally type def ( &

== v0.5.2 (Date: 22 Jan 2009)
* fixed IE6 issue with width

== v0.5.1 (Date: 22 Jan 2009)
* quick width fixes for low resolution screens

== v0.5 (Date: 22 Jan 2009)
* Scrum Board mash-up first release