Feature Request

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Noisebridge Config (w/ option to ignore):

  • Auto-connect to Noisebridge wireless
  • Auto-connect to Tor
  • printer drivers, wireless drivers, projector display config, machine learning software, vinyl cutter software, book scanner software, PDF reader (xpdf?)
  • Open Pony Gate w/out key
  • Open Pony Gate w/key
  • Offline version of wiki
  • Local copy of Noisebridge calendar
  • Determine if the user has an SSH keypair or three and ask them if they want to generate them?
  • Pony Jukebox access pending SSH key
  • Rack access pending SSH key
  • Github access pending account info
  • Tiddlywiki: Self-contained wiki implemented as a self-modifying HTML page using some Javascript. Great for taking notes on stuff, and is also visually pleasing. (http://tiddlywiki.com/)
  • Determine if the user has a PGP keypair already (~/.gnupg?) and ask if they want to generate one and upload the public key to the keyserver network.
Package Install (w/ option to ignore) `apt-get install mediawiki git sshfs remastersys screen gpg`