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Reference based Coherent Diffraction Imaging
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flat_compar Flat-spectrum image - alg. comparison in Fig. 10 Jan 19, 2019
mimi_compar Sharp-spec. img. (mimi.) - alg. compar. - Fig. 10 Jan 19, 2019
ref_HIO HIO algorithm (with enforcing reference pixels) Jan 19, 2019
ref_scaling Reference scaling in Figure 7 Jan 19, 2019 Create Jan 19, 2019


This set of Matlab codes reproduce the figures and experimental results published in our paper: Holographic Phase Retrieval and Optimal Reference Design. David A. Barmherzig, Ju Sun, Emmanuel J. Candes, T.J. Lane, and Po-Nan Li.

• Folder ref_scaling to reproduce Figure 7.

• Folder alg_compar to reproduce Figure 8.

• Folder mimi_compar to reproduce Figure 9.

• Folder flat_mi_compar to reproduce Figure 10.

• Folder ref_deconv contains code to run the Referenced Deconvolution algorithm and compute the expected error for a given specimen and reference. The code is contains a special, optimized implementation if the reference is specified to be a pinhole, slit, or block.

o Ref_Deconv_fcn is a function implementing the Referenced Deconvolution algorithm.

o Ref_Deconv_tester is a sample file implementing Ref_Deconv_fcn.

o ref2mtrx is a function which generates the matrix M_R for any given reference R

o img_recov is a function which recovers a given specimen from the top-left quadrant of the cross-correlation of the specimen and a given reference.

• Folder HIO contains code to run the HIO algorithm

o HIO_fcn is a function implementing the HIO algorithm.

o HIO_tester is a sample file implementing HIO_fcn.

• Folder ref_HIO contains code to run the HIO algorithm, with the reference pixels enforced as an additional constraint (i.e. an additional projection)

o Ref_HIO_fcn is a function implementing HIO with the reference enforced.

o Ref_HIO_tester is a sample file implementing Ref_HIO_fcn.

Codes written by David Barmherzig and Ju Sun. For questions or bug reports please send email to David Barmherzig, Thanks to bug reporters:

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