An application that will show all your tumblr photo posts by day on a calendar for the entire year
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Tumblr Calendar

This project was written to fill a specific need. I (Andrew Serff) wanted a way to view all the photos I was posting for my Project 365 (A Photo a Day for a Year) on a calendar. I was using tumblr for my Project 365, so I started looking around for a simple calendar that would let me accomplish this. Well, I didn't find one, so I decided to make my own! I started this project back in January 2011 in my free time. Funny thing about free time, there isn't much of it. I made a little progress and then it sat for a while. I got reenergized by people showing interest in the project by posting on my blog so I was about to start working on it again, then tumblr launched their new (v2) API. I got a bit discouraged by having to rework things for the new API, but I finally had a day of down time and did it. I have the project to a point now to where I wanted to share it with others, so I decided what better way than to open source it and throw it up on github? So here we are, on github, where I hope the project will take on a new life. I likely won't have a ton of time to do much further development, so I encourage all you other developers out there to have at it!

Check out the Wiki for more info