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Call on Congress is a free telephone service that helps you learn more about what Congress is doing.
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Call on Congress

Call on Congress is a free telephone service that helps you learn more about what Congress is doing. Find out how your representatives are voting on bills and raising campaign money. You can also be connected with your lawmakers’ Capitol Hill offices or get details on where to vote on Election Day.


Call on Congress targets Heroku, but can be run on other servers using gunicorn. To run:

  • Clone the repo
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • cp calloncongress/ calloncongress/
  • Add your keys
  • foreman start (if you have foreman installed) or ./ (will only use a single thread)


You will need API keys and account tokens for the following services:


Log in to your Twilio account and create or edit a phone number. Set the Voice Request URL field to:

http://<your domain>/voice/

Though either GET or POST will work, we recommend setting the initial request type to GET. Save your changes and you are ready to go!


Call on Congress supports a default language set of English, Spanish, and Esperanto. To add a new language:

  1. Add the language code and name to the LANGUAGES dict in calloncongress/
  2. Check the languages supported by the Twilio Say command. If your language is not supported, select the closest approximation and add it to the ACCENT_MAP dict in calloncongress/
  3. data/script.json maps lines in the spoken script to a pre-generated file name. Set your audio files to the names specified in the mapping file and place them in the following directory:

    static/audio/<language code>/


A number of twimlets are provided for use in your own applications. The following variables are used in the twimlet URLs:

  • <lang> Language, must be one of en, es, or eo.
  • <id> Bioguide ID for the member of Congress. Can be found at the Biographical Directory of the US Congress.
  • <url> A valid URL for redirection after the twimlet completes.
  • <zipcode> A valid five-digit zipcode.

Member Biography

Reads a short biography of the specified member.


Top Campaign Donors for a Member

Reads the top ten contributors to the member's campaign for the current election cycle.


Recent Votes by Member

Reads the recent votes taken by the specified member.


Call Member's Office

Connects the call to the member's DC office. The <next_url> parameter is not supported on this twimlet as forwarding the call ends the Twilio application flow.


List of Upcoming Bills in Congress

Reads a list of bills that are up for consideration in the House and Senate.


Find Local Election Office

Reads the contact information for election offices within the specified zipcode.

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