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A tool to help US citizens call their representatives in Congress
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Are you an influential issue-based advocacy organization? Do you often find yourself needing to mount a massive calling campaign to members of Congress? Do you use Django? If you're thinking "That sounds like me!", then citizendialer3000 is going to make your life much easier.

citizendialer3000 is a Django application that makes it simple to launch and run call campaigns. First, create a new campaign from Django's admin interface and enter the call script. Once public, users can find their representatives by zipcode and are walked through the process of calling their representatives. Finally, users are asked to record the result of their call.


  • django >= 1.2.0
  • django.contrib.messages
  • python-tablib



Your API key
CD3000_KEY_PREFIX (optional)
Override default cache key prefix
CD3000_CACHE_TIMEOUT (optional)
Override default cache timeout


Results from Sunlight API calls are cached using Django's cache API. Please have it properly configured so it will work.

Loading Contacts

When a new campaign is created using the Django admin, citizendialer3000 automatically loads the campaign with all currently serving members of congress. Since you may only need a subset of representatives, a handy management command is provided to load contacts from the Sunlight Labs Congress API:

Usage: ./ importcontacts [options] <campaign_id>

Load congressional contacts from the Sunlight Labs Congress API

  --campaigns           List available campaigns and their IDs.
  -n TITLE, --newcampaign=TITLE
                        Create a new campaign with the given title.
  -d, --drop            Delete existing contacts and calls for campaign.
  -b ID[,ID...], --bioguide=ID[,ID...]
                        Filter by bioguide ID. Separate multiple values with a
  -c CHAMBER, --chamber=CHAMBER
                        Filter by chamber: H, S
  -p PARTY, --party=PARTY
                        Filter by party: D, R, I
  -s STATE, --state=STATE
                        Filter by state: two-letter abbreviation

You must either specify a campaign_id argument or use the -n option to create a new campaign. To see a list of campaigns and their IDs, run with the --campaigns option.

The -d option will remove any contacts already associated with the campaign. It will also delete all calls associated with the campaign.

Running without any other options will import all current members of congress. Filter by bioguide ID, party, state, or chamber as needed.

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