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import os
def main():
allCodeFiles = os.popen("find . -name '*.m'").read().split('\n')
allLprjFolders = os.popen("find . -name '*.lproj'").read().split('\n')
if allCodeFiles:
print '\n===============================\ncreate temporary code folder\n===============================\n'
print os.popen('mkdir -v ./tempcodes_21312312').read()
print '\n===============================\ncopy all code files to temporary folder\n===============================\n'
for codeFile in allCodeFiles:
if codeFile and codeFile <> '':
print os.popen("cp -v '" + codeFile + "' ./tempcodes_21312312/").read()
print '\n===============================\ngenery localizable strings files\n===============================\n'
generiedCount = 0
for folder in allLprjFolders:
if folder and folder <> '' and folder.find('build') == -1:
print os.popen("genstrings -u -a -o '" + folder + "' ./tempcodes_21312312/*.m").read()
generiedCount += 1
if generiedCount == 0:
print os.popen("genstrings -u -a -o . ./tempcodes_21312312/*.m").read()
print '\n===============================\nremove temporary code files\n===============================\n'
print os.popen('rm -v -r -f ./tempcodes_21312312').read()
print '\n===================== finished ===============================\n'
if __name__ == '__main__':
print '\n\nusage: Copy this python file to your xcode project directory and just execute it.\n\n'
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