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Open States for iOS (formerly StatesLege)

Created by Gregory S. Combs, on behalf of the Sunlight Foundation.
Based on work at GitHub.


  • This is an application that provides in-depth information on various state legislatures, using available public data from the Sunlight Foundation's Open States Project.

Compiling and Running the Project

This project accesses state legislative data available through the Open States API from the Sunlight Foundation. In order to build and run the application, the project depends on one key assumption:

  1. You create a file titled "APIKeys.m" and place it in the main directory next to APIKeys.h. This new file must contain your very own Sunlight Labs API key (available from Sunlight Labs) :

    NSString * const SUNLIGHT_APIKEY = @"YourAPIKeyFromSunlightFoundation";

Attributions and Thanks

Additionally, Greg Combs would like to send special thanks to the following:

  • Thanks to all the generous developers participating at and!
  • For all the comments, suggestions, and material support, a huge thank you goes to all the TexLege users around the Texas Capitol, including Rep. Jason Isaac, Rep. Van Taylor, Raul Espinoza, Steve Hazlewood, and more!


Under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License

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