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import os
from os.path import abspath, dirname, join
SCRAPER_PATHS=[os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'openstates')]
MONGO_HOST = 'localhost'
MONGO_PORT = 27017
MONGO_DATABASE = 'fiftystates'
# reminder: think through Singular, Plural, Adjective
'Democratic': {'noun': 'Democrat', 'abbreviation': 'D'},
'Republican': {'abbreviation': 'R'},
'Independent': {'abbreviation': 'I'},
'Democratic-Farmer-Labor': {'abbreviation': 'DFL',
'plural_noun': 'DFLers'}, # MN
'Nonpartisan': {'abbreviation': 'NP', 'plural_noun': 'Nonpartisan'}, # NE
'Unknown': {'abbreviation': '?', 'plural_noun': 'Unknown'}, # NY & PR
'Partido Nuevo Progresista': {'abbreviation': 'PNP'}, # PR
u'Partido Popular Democr\xe1tico': {'abbreviation': 'PPD'}, # PR
'Carter County Republican': {'abbreviation': 'CCR'}, # TN
'Working Families': {'abbreviation': 'WF'}, # NY & VT
'Conservative': {'abbreviation': 'C'}, # NY
'Progressive': {'abbreviation': 'P'}, # VT
'Republican/Democratic': {'plural_noun': 'Republican/Democratic'}, # VT
from billy_local import *
except ImportError:
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.