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from collections import defaultdict, OrderedDict, namedtuple
from decimal import Decimal
from operator import itemgetter
from billy import db
KEYS = 'versions actions documents votes sponsors'.split()
class SaneReprList(list):
def __repr__(self):
return '<SaneReprList: %d elements>' % len(self)
class Summarizer(object):
def __init__(self, spec={}):
self.spec = spec
def build(self, keys=KEYS):
listdict = lambda: defaultdict(SaneReprList)
counts = defaultdict(listdict)
keys = 'versions actions documents votes sponsors'.split()
for bill in db.bills.find(self.spec):
for k in keys:
self.counts = dict(counts)
return dict(counts)
def count(self):
return db.bills.find(self.spec).count()
def max_ids(self):
'''Yield the key, maximum value length, and the id of the
bill in which the max was found for each key in KEYS. In
other words, if TAB0000001 has the most actions (345), then
one tuple yielded from this generator would be:
('actions', 345, 'TAB0000001')
for k, v in self.counts.items():
max_ = max(v)
id_ = v[max_]
yield k, max_, id_
def mean(self, key):
counts = self.counts[key]
sum_ = sum(k * len(v) for (k, v) in counts.items())
return sum_ / self.count()
def median(self, key):
counts = self.counts[key]
if 1 < len(counts):
counts = self.counts[key]
div, mod = divmod(len(counts), 2)
return div
return list(counts).pop()
def mode(self, key):
counts = self.counts[key]
if 1 < len(counts):
return (max(counts) + min(counts)) / 2
return list(counts).pop()
def percentages(self, key):
'''Returns an OrderedDict where the keys are the numbers of
actions/votes found and the values are the percentages of how
many bills had that number of actions out of the total number
of bills.
counts = self.counts[key]
sum_ = Decimal(self.count())
items = ((k, (len(v) / sum_) * 100) for (k, v) in counts.items())
sorter = itemgetter(slice(None, None, -1))
items = sorted(items, key=sorter, reverse=True)
return OrderedDict(items)
def report(self):
Stats = namedtuple('Stats', 'mean median mode percentages')
methods = [self.mean, self.median, self.mode, self.percentages]
return dict((key, Stats(*[meth(key) for meth in methods])) for key in KEYS)
def print_report(self):
tab = ' '
for k, v in
print repr(k)
for key in ('mean', 'median', 'mode'):
print tab, key, '->', getattr(v, key)
print tab, 'Percentage breakdown'
for value, percentage in v.percentages.items():
print tab * 2, value, "{0:.2f}".format(percentage)
if __name__ == '__main__':
# import pprint
# pprint.pprint(get_counts())
x = Summarizer()
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