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This project is an attempt to unify all the Sunlight API bindings into a single project that is clear, concise, easy to read, powerful, and fun to play with.


Using this library is very easy - by default, python-sunlight will search for API keys in two places. First, ~/.sunlight.key will be read, and the contents of that file will be used as the API Key. Secondly, if an enviroment variable called SUNLIGHT_API_KEY is set, that will be used (in the case of both being read, the enviroment variable will override the file.)

To register for an API key, if you don't have one, please fill out the form here.

The easiest way to write this file out is by running a command similar to this ( on systems that support a POSIX shell):

echo "API_KEY" > ~/.sunlight.key

where API_KEY is actually the string of letters and numbers that was emailed to you. Actually putting API_KEY into this file will most likely result in an error from the server. You can confirm they key with the following command:

cat ~/.sunlight.key

This should output the string that was emailed to you.

Help me!

Basic usage and some brief examples can be found on readthedocs. If this doesn't help, feel free to email for help, ask over IRC in #sunlightlabs on, or open a issue if it's a particularly nasty bug (particularly regarding ambiguous documentation, or poorly exposed API methods).


All code in this project is licensed under a BSD-3 clause style license. The exact terms are in the LICENSE file, which will be distributed with any copy of the source you recieve.


Bugfixes, documentation contributions and more extensive (yet clear) example scripts are all welcome and encouraged. Please open a pull-request against python-sunlight, or email a format-patch to the email address listed in the script.