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scrapelib is a library for making requests to websites, particularly those that may be less-than-reliable.

scrapelib originated as part of the `Open States <`_ project to scrape the websites of all 50 state legislatures and as a result was therefore designed with features desirable when dealing with sites that have intermittent errors or require rate-limiting.

As of version 0.7 scrapelib has been retooled to take advantage of the superb requests library.

Advantages of using scrapelib over alternatives like httplib2 simply using requests as-is:

  • All of the power of the suberb requests library.
  • HTTP(S) and FTP requests via an identical API
  • support for simple caching with pluggable cache backends
  • request throtting
  • configurable retries for non-permanent site failures
  • optional robots.txt compliance

scrapelib is a project of Sunlight Labs (c) 2012. All code is released under a BSD-style license, see LICENSE for details.

Written by James Turk <>

  • Michael Stephens - initial urllib2/httplib2 version
  • Joe Germuska - fix for IPython embedding
  • Alex Chiang - fix to test suite


  • python >= 2.6 (experimental support for Python 3.2)
  • requests


scrapelib is available on PyPI and can be installed via pip install scrapelib

PyPI package:



Example Usage

import scrapelib
s = scrapelib.Scraper(requests_per_minute=10, allow_cookies=True,

# Grab Google front page

# Will raise RobotExclusionError

# Will be throttled to 10 HTTP requests per minute
while True:
Something went wrong with that request. Please try again.