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A template for Django and Flask mini Sunlight Foundation apps
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Sunlight Foundation mini-app wrapper

Templates and helpers for Django and Flask. Built on Bootstrap 3.

A demo application that displays default styles can be run with python for Flask or python for Django.




urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'', include('sfapp.urls')),


In your app:

from sfapp.blueprint import sfapp


To use the provided mini-app templates, extend sfapp/<framework>/base-full.html or sfapp/<framework>/base-sidebar.html. <framework> must be one of django or flask.

If the full and sidebar templates do not meet your needs, you can implement your own sfapp/<framework>/base-full.html or sfapp/<framework>/base-sidebar.html within your project. Make sure that your custom versions both extend sfapp/<framework>/base.html.


The following blocks are provided by the base templates:

container : A generic container that holds the content block and, if using the sidebar template, the sidebar block.

content : The block that contains your main content. Uses full page width when extending sfapp/<framework>/base-full.html.

sidebar : A right-aligned sidebar block is available when extending sfapp/<framework>/base-sidebar.html. To customize the placement or width of this block, implement a custom sfapp/<framework>/base-sidebar.html.

title : Title of the page

og : Open Graph meta elements

css : link and style elements for CSS

js : script elements for JavaScript (included at the end of the document)

head : Miscellaneous meta and other elements that belong in head

ga : Google analytics code (not the JavaScript, just the tracking ID)

bodyclass : The content of the class attribute on the body element.

Mailing List Signup Form

The provided base template includes JavaScript that will do a fancy Ajax form submission and attempt to subscribe to the Sunlight Foundation mailing list. The route is mounted at /subscribe.

Subscriptions for both frameworks are handled by the sfapp.mailinglist module. subscribe(email, zipcode, source=None) is the method that will invoke the subscription endpoint and return the response.


sfapp.urls contains a URL config that will handle form submissions to /subscribe/. You can use a different URL by overriding the URL config in your own You can also customize the view by inheriting SubscribeView:

from sfapp.views import SubscribeView

class MySubscribeView(SubscribeView):
    pass # do something here

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^subscribe/$', MySubscribeView.as_view()),


No customizations yet.

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