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sundrop is a tool used to automate deployments of Sunlight Foundation projects.

It currently takes the form of a number of [fabric](http://fabfile.org) tasks and a shell script that serves as an entry point.


After checking out sundrop, symlink the file sundrop.sh to any location on your path.

Additionally, sundrop relies on you having Python >= 2.6 and the following packages: * fabric * boto

Getting Started

sundrop keeps its config in an ini-style file at ~/.sundrop, right now the only purpose of this file is to tell sundrop where it should look for your projects tree.

The projects directory is the most important part of using sundrop, we'll walk through a simple, single-project project tree, or see the projectsdir documentation for detailed documentation on all options available.

Creating a Project Directory

A project directory has a directory for each project, each of which has (at a minimum) a config.yaml file within it.

config.yaml describes the project. It is important to specify what server(s) you want your project to run on (production and staging), the size of the EBS volume you wish to create (ebs_size_gb), and any repositories that need to be checked out (src).

Example projects.yaml:

production: ebs_size_gb: 5 src:

  • gitrepo: git://github.com/sunlightlabs/labssite.git dirname: labssite
  • redis-server

Detailed Documentation



path to config directory, ~ will be expanded


If there's a new server being used, the first thing to do is

# initialize hostname to richmond, install core & python packages

sundrop -H richmond server.init:richmond,core,python

# add a 30GB mongo instance

sundrop -H richmond services.mongodb:30

# deploy a project

sundrop staging:anthropod deploy