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Collaborative reporting tools

Recorded webinar from July 22, 2014 that explored Sunlight Foundation's collaborative reporting tools: Political Ad Sleuth and Political Party Time.

Youtube Video

This webinar explored how you can contribute to and find great leads in the Sunlight Foundation's collaborative datasets that are unlocking information that has never before been centralized and made public. With Political Ad Sleuth, local volunteers and reporters are helping to analyze a national, online database of TV stations’ public ad files. By July 1, more than 2,000 stations in every TV market nationwide will be uploading files, creating a trove of important information about who is buying airtime for political ads, how much they are paying and what demographic they are targeting. Find out how to unlock them. Political Party Time chronicles the political fundraising circuit. From breakfasts, luncheons, barbecues, and golf outings, use Party Time to track who is fundraising, when and with whom. Find out how you can use this data for stories and help us add more.

This is part of Investigative News Network and Sunlight Foundation's Summer Webinar Series.

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