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How to Follow the Money in your Congressional Race (webinar)

Recorded webinar from October 2, 2012 covering Sunlight's suite of tools for tracking congressional races including Influence Explorer, Party Time, Follow the Unlimited Money and other tools.

Youtube Video

As the 2012 election comes down to the wire, the Sunlight Foundation will introduce you to a suite of tools that no one covering congressional races should be without. We'll show you how to get the latest campaign finance totals, historical information on donors and their legislative interests, up-to-the-minute reports filed by super PACs and other outside groups--and how to get alerted via email or text message whenever the a candidate, super PAC or shadowy stealth committee files a new report with the Federal Election Commission.

This webinar will teach you to use:

This in-depth tutorial will teach you how to get the most out of these resources as you cover campaigns. This webinar will be a practical how-to, featuring examples from ongoing races.