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Follow the money in campaign 2014 and beyond (webinar)

Recorded webinar from July 15, 2014 that explored various Sunlight Foundation tools to track influence on the federal and state level with a focus on the 2014 elections.

Youtube Video

Training included live demonstrations of Sunlight Foundation tools that make tracking influence on the federal and state levels doable, no matter what your level of technical expertise. A couple of the tools reviewed: Influence Explorer helps you track influence by lawmaker, company or prominent individual, and Real Time FEC, a component allows you to search and download bulk data from Federal Election Commission filings and even set up email alerts when filings are made by candidates or in races that you’re covering. Scout makes it easy to search for topics you’re covering across the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, federal and state courts, GAO reports and the legislatures of all 50 states. You can also create customized email or text alerts for topics or bills you’re following.

This is part of Investigative News Network and Sunlight Foundation's Summer Webinar Series.