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Introducing Foreign Influence Explorer: A database on foreign agents and their clients

Recorded webinar from May 13, 2014 that explored the functionality of Foreign Influence Explorer.

Youtube Video

This session covered basic skills of using Foreign Influence Explorer, a free tool that documents the different ways foreign entities influence policy and opinions in the United States. The database sources documents from the Department of Justice as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and includes information such as lobbying, press outreach, travels, political contributions and meetings and conference attended by foreign agents. Foreign Influence Explorer also makes available data on proposed arms sales to foreign militaries from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Foreign Influence Explorer is the latest addition to Influence Explorer and features 2013 data as well as archival information.

Learn how to research foreign influence, such as by searching for foreign entities, browsing clients, creating customized downloads on a country basis, accessing bulk information and finding individualized information on contacts by foreign agents with government officials, organizations, conferences and journalists. We will also review profiles of members of Congress and their contacts with foreign agents, including any political contributions as reported to FARA. Lastly, we will explore ways to fact check the data and provide tips and advance functionality for journalists and other power users on how to make the most of Foreign Influence Explorer.