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Scout is a legislative and governmental tracking tool from the Sunlight Foundation that alerts you when Congress or your state capitol talks about or takes action on issues you care about. Learn how to search and create alerts on federal and state legislation, regulations and the Congressional Record. Youtube Video

Scout is a free service that provides daily insight to how our laws and regulations are shaped in Washington, D.C. and our state capitols.

This tutorial will walk you through how to subscribe and create customized email or text alerts on what Congress is doing around an issue or a specific bill, as well as bills in the state legislature and federal regulations.

You can also add external RSS feeds to complement a Scout subscription, such as press releases from a member of Congress or an issue-based blog.

These days, you can receive electronic alerts to know when a company is in the news, when a TV show is scheduled to air or when a sports team wins. Now, you can also be alerted when our elected officials take action on an issue you care about.

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