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Uncover Political Fundraisers with Political Party Time (webinar)

Recorded webinar from April 21, 2015. Learn how to find political fundraisers and explore political influence with Political Party Time.

Youtube Video

Outside the halls of Congress, politicians and the candidates who want to unseat them are holding breakfast, lunch and happy hour fundraisers - and Political Party Time is the only one-stop-shop that has the details on when and where they are happening. Since 2008, Party Time has chronicled more than 21,000 fundraisers around the country. It's the largest repository of this data for journalists, activists and voters who are interested in following the money and the influence it carries.

This webinar provided an overview of this venerable resource and how to search for fundraiser invitations by candidate, host, location, committee or VIPs in attendance. This webinar also highlighted stories gleaned from Political Party Time data, as well as advanced features like setting alerts and making the most out of the bulk data and API.