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Uncover Political Fundraising

Political Party Time documents the political fundraising circuit and acts as a clearinghouse for these event invites. Learn how to use the tool and find fundraisers by candidate, host, location or date. Youtube Video

Virtually every day, incumbents and challengers running for office are holding breakfast, lunch and happy-hour fundraisers and Political Party Time tells you when and where they are taking place. Since its start in 2008, Party Time has chronicled fundraisers happening in D.C. and around the U.S. and is the central clearinghouse of information for journalists, citizen journalists, activists and voters who are interested in following the money -- and the influence it carries. The site provides information on congressional and presidential candidate fundraisers.

This training teaches you to search the database of fundraiser inviters, whether it be by candidate, host, location, party theme or VIPs in attendance.