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import threading
from collections import Counter
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from django.core.mail import EmailMessage
from django.conf import settings
from django.utils import timezone
class BasePostmarkSessionEmailThread(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, session, **kwargs):
super(BasePostmarkSessionEmailThread, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.session = session
self.sender = settings.POSTMARK_SENDER
self.recipients = [session.speakers[0]['email']]
def should_send(self):
# feel free to spam admins whenever, but nobody else.
admins = Counter(dict(settings.ADMINS).values())
recipients = Counter(self.recipients)
return not (settings.DEBUG is True and len(list(recipients - admins)) is not 0)
def run(self):
headers = {}
headers = self.headers
except AttributeError:
if self.should_send:
EmailMessage(self.subject, self.body, self.sender, self.recipients, headers=headers).send()
class SessionConversionEmailThread(BasePostmarkSessionEmailThread):
def __init__(self, session, **kwargs):
super(SessionConversionEmailThread, self).__init__(session, **kwargs)
self.headers = {'Reply-To': '', }
self.subject = '[TCamp] Your Idea was Selected!'
self.body = ("Congratulations! We'd like to include your session "
"proposal as part of TransparencyCamp. "
"If for any reason you can't "
"be in attendence to give your talk, please let us know by emailing "
" (or replying to this email)."
"You'll receive another email once your time slot and room have been "
"In the meantime, if you need to edit your proposal at all, "
"you can use this link: "
"Looking forward to seeing you at TCamp!"
"The Transparencycamp Team"
class SessionConfirmationEmailThread(BasePostmarkSessionEmailThread):
def __init__(self, session, **kwargs):
super(SessionConfirmationEmailThread, self).__init__(session, **kwargs)
self.subject = '[TCamp] Submit confirmation & edit link'
self.body = ("Thanks for submitting a session at TCamp! We'll "
"be reviewing all of the proposals as they come in, "
"and you'll get "
"another email with the pertinent details if your "
"session is chosen. In the meantime, if you need to "
"edit anything, visit this URL: "
class SessionApprovedEmailThread(BasePostmarkSessionEmailThread):
def __init__(self, session, **kwargs):
super(SessionApprovedEmailThread, self).__init__(session, **kwargs)
details = dict(start_time=self.session.start_time.astimezone(
).strftime('%I:%M %p'),
).strftime('%a %D'),,
self.subject = '[TCamp] {start_date}, {start_time} @ {location} -- Your Session is scheduled!'.format(**details)
self.body = ("Your session has been approved and scheduled for:"
"{start_date}, {start_time} in {location}."
"Please see the registration desk 10 minutes before "
"your scheduled time slot if you need an "
"adapter to connect your laptop to a VGA projector, "
"or ask the wall crew if you have logistical or timing "
"Your session's permalink page (http://{site}{schedule_url}) has an "
"etherpad on it for collaborative notetaking. To help keep "
"a good record of the discussion that goes on during your talk, "
"you may want to mention to the group that it's available."
"Also, note that since it's published, your proposal can no longer be "
"edited. Please see the wall crew with logistical or timing "
"questions. ").format(**details)
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