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Another home for the Sunlight Foundation's Open Data Policy research.
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Another home for the Sunlight Foundation's Open Data Policy research.

In this repo:

See also the Sunlight Foundation Open Data Policy Guidelines.

You may also be interested in the hub for Sunlight's local open data work.

For contributors to the open data portal list:

If you’re looking to contribute to the list of local open data portals, here are the category choices for each column:

Data Policy:

  • No
  • Yes
  • In Progress


  • Government
  • Regional
  • Community


  • US State
  • US City or County
  • Other County Related
  • Other State Related
  • US City GIS
  • US State GIS

GeoJSON Data/File

Validate GeoJSON Prior to Commiting Your Work

GeoJSON Lint is a web service that will validate GeoJSON files; Simply copy and paste the contents of the file into the site's textarea section, and click the "Test GeoJSON" button below.
If you have errors, you'll be alerted via modals, pointing to the code line with an explanation.
Correct the errors until the file passes the linting process; you'll know this happens when the map automatically loads the contents of the GeoJSON file.

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