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Using puush in linux with keyboard shortcuts.
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Puush in Linux

Takes screenshots and uploads them to puush using the puush API and copies the link to clipboard. Recommended for set up with keyboard shortcuts
Utilises gnome-screenshot for taking screenshots, zenity for file uploads (both included in Ubuntu).


  • Clone or download the repo
  • In file "puush" add your puush API key to PUUSH_API_KEY
  • Make it executable using chmod +x puush
  • Place this file wherever you want (recommended: /usr/local/bin)
  • Set up keyboard shortcuts within linux
    • (in Ubuntu it's system settings > keyboard > keyboard shortcuts > custom shortcuts)
    • Log out for the changes to take place
    • Here's what it looks like for mine: Puush keyboard setup


puush -a		# puush desktop
puush -b		# area puush
puush -c		# puush window
puush -d		# file upload

puush -h  	  # help


  • gnome-screenshot
  • zenity
  • curl
  • xclip
  • notify-send


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