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Concurrently chat with ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Bard, Alpaca, Vicuna, Claude, ChatGLM, MOSS, 讯飞星火, 文心一言 and more, discover the best answers


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Chat with ALL AI Bots Concurrently, Discover the Best

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Large Language Models (LLMs) based AI bots are amazing. However, their behavior can be random and different bots excel at different tasks. If you want the best experience, don't try them one by one. ChatALL (Chinese name: 齐叨) can send prompt to several AI bots concurrently, help you to discover the best results. All you need to do is download, install and ask.

Is this you?

Typical users of ChatALL are:

  • 🤠Gurus of LLMs, who want to find the best answers or creations from LLMs.
  • 🤓Researchers of LLMs, who want to intuitively compare the strengths and weaknesses of various LLMs in different fields.
  • 😎Developers of LLM applications, who want to quickly debug prompts and find the best-performing foundation models.

Supported bots

AI Bots Web Access API Notes
360 AI Brain Yes No API
Baidu ERNIE No Yes
Character.AI Yes No API
ChatGLM2 6B & 130B Yes No API No Login required
ChatGPT Yes Yes Web Browsing, Azure OpenAI service included
Claude Yes Yes
Code Llama Yes No API
Cohere Aya 23 No Yes
Cohere Command R Models No Yes
Copilot Yes No API
Dedao Learning Assistant Coming soon No API
Falcon 180B Yes No API
Gemini Yes Yes
Gemma 2B & 7B Yes No API
Gradio Yes No API For Hugging Face space/self-deployed models
Groq Cloud No Yes
HuggingChat Yes No API
iFLYTEK SPARK Yes Coming soon
Kimi Yes No API
Llama 2 13B & 70B Yes No API
Perplexity Yes No API
Phind Yes No API
Pi Yes No API
Poe Yes Coming soon
SkyWork Yes Coming soon
Tongyi Qianwen Yes Coming soon
Vicuna 13B & 33B Yes No API No Login required
WizardLM 70B Yes No API
YouChat Yes No API
You Yes No API
Zephyr Yes No API

More is coming. Upvote your favorite bots in these issues.

Other features

  • Quick-prompt mode: send the next prompt without waiting for the previous request to complete
  • Save chat history locally, protect your privacy
  • Highlight the response you like, delete the bad
  • Enable/disable any bots at any time
  • Switch between one, two, or three-column view
  • Auto update to the latest version
  • Dark mode (contributed by @tanchekwei)
  • Short keys. Press Ctrl + / to know all of them (contributed by @tanchekwei)
  • Multiple chats (contributed by @tanchekwei)
  • Proxy setting (contributed by @msaong)
  • Prompt management (contributed by @tanchekwei)
  • Supports multiple languages (Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Italian)
  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux

Planned features:

You are welcome to contribute to these features.

  • Deploy front-end to GitHub Pages


All chat history, settings and login data are saved locally on your computer.

ChatALL collects anonymous usage data to help us improve the product. Including:

  • Which AI bots are prompted and how long the prompt is. Not including the prompt content.
  • How long the response is, and which response is deleted/highlighted. Not including the response content.


ChatALL is a client, not a proxy. Therefore, you must:

  1. Have working accounts and/or API tokens for the bots.
  2. Have reliable network connections to the bots.

Download / Install

Download from

On Windows

Just download the *-win.exe file and proceed with the setup.

On macOS

For Apple Silicon Mac (M1, M2 CPU), download the *-mac-arm64.dmg file.

For other Macs, download *-mac-x64.dmg file.

If you are using Homebrew, you can also install it with:

brew install --cask chatall

On Linux

Debian-based Distributions: Download the .deb file, double click it and install the software. Arch-based Distributions: You can clone ChatALL from the AUR here. You can install it manually or using an AUR helper like yay or paru. Other Distributions: Download the .AppImage file, make it executable, and enjoy the click-to-run experience. You can also use AppimageLauncher.


If you encounter any problems while using ChatALL, you can try the following methods to resolve them:

  1. Refresh - press Ctrl + R or + R.
  2. Restart - exit ChatALL and run it again.
  3. Re-login - click the settings button in the upper right corner, then click the corresponding login/logout link to relogin the website.
  4. Create a new chat - click the New Chat button and send prompt again.

If none of the above methods work, you can try resetting ChatALL. Note that this will delete all your settings and message history.

You can reset ChatALL by deleting the following directories:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\chatall\
  • Linux: /home/<user>/.config/chatall/
  • macOS: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/chatall/

If the problem persists, please submit an issue.

For developers

Contribute a Bot

The guide may help you.


npm install
npm run electron:serve


Build for your current platform:

npm run electron:build

Build for all platforms:

npm run electron:build -- -wml --x64 --arm64




  • GPT-4 contributed much of the code
  • ChatGPT, Copilot and Google provide many solutions (ranked in order)
  • Inspired by ChatHub. Respect!


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