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bti 028
Build fixes thanks to Flameeyes and other minor tweaks.
bti 027
OAUTH support
bti 026
added ability to specify config file from command line
some readline fixups from Pete
bti 025
remove readline link-time dependancy to make the distro's lives easier
bugfixes for minor things by Amir and Gregor
bti 024
laconica group support from Marvin Vek
password handling changes from Gregor Herrmann and Ben Boeckel
bti 023
verbose mode for timestamps
documentation for custom
Properly credit Amir for all of his great work.
bti 022
custom instances supported
timestamps on messages read.
autoconf fixes.
bti 021
yet more autoconf fixes
bti 020
more autoconf fixes
bti 019
autoconf fixes
bti 018
man page added for helper script
now using autoconf
now showing all options with --help
bti 017
url shortner bugfix from Bart Trojanowski
--page option from Dave Barry
documentation updates
bti 016
--dry-run option thanks to Bart Trojanowski
url shortner script and option thanks to Bart Trojanowski
make install target thanks to Bart Trojanowski
bti 015
--action support, bti now can output data from the twitter
and identica servers! Thanks to Amir Saied for the work he put into this.
minor bugfixes for bash mode, bah, readline is a pain at times.
bti 014
Fix reported readline bugs
bti 013
Fix some readline prompt issues
bti 012
Logfile support added to track status of tweets
bash completion script added thanks to Amir Saied
proper "application name" added thanks to Amir Saied
bti 011
Readline support thanks to Amir Saied
bti 010
Fix up HTTP proxy support, thanks to gregor herrmann:
- command line option now works
- http_proxy environment variable is now handled
bti 009
Initial attempt for HTTP proxy support.
bti 008
Fix for twitter, due to their server not liking one of the http headers anymore.
bti 007
segfault fix from Oliver Blin
bti 006
added support
bti 005
pwd was removed from bash mode
bug with tweets crashing over 100 characters fixed
bti 004
--bash fork and quiet modes enabled
bti 003
--bash emulates a command line, otherwise the message goes through "clean"
bti 002
better man page
example ~/.bti file
ability to send "clean" files to twitter (no path or $ prefix)
bti 001
initial release